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Prof. Dr. Dr. Veronica Lukacs-Kornek...


... studied medicine at the Semmelweis University, Budapest. After finishing medical school she started her PhD in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Christian Kurts at the University of Bonn Germany, where she studied the regulation of cross-priming in vivo and identified a dendritic cell-derived chemokine, which can increase the efficiency of the CD8 T-cell response in vivo. In her postdoctoral training in Dr. Shannon Turley`s laboratory at Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, 2008-2012), she identified a novel inhibitory circuit that serves to regulate T-cell responses and promote immunological tolerance. She received the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award in 2012 supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and has been appointed as a Junior Professor at Saarland University, Germany. Her laboratory aims to focus on the regulatory role of stromal cells and myeloid cells during chronic inflammation and liver diseases.

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