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The immune system...


... faces one of the biggest challenges of the organism due to permanent conflicts with internal and external threats.

There are plenty of protective mechanisms: Natural killer cells, for instance, eliminate tumor cells due to the absence of MHC-molecules; dendritic cells immediately react in case of pathogenic invasion and stimulate immune cells.

However, dysregulations can have devastating consequences such as autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammations, even immunologic infertility and spontaneous abort.

Numerous bacteria and viruses are using the human body as a host and developed strategies throughout evolution to escape the immune system. HIV, for instance, synthesizes Nef-proteins to activate the host cells during simultaneous immune evasion by inhibiting the antigen presentation. Just as versatile are bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, which is a harmless commensal in 30 % of populations noses. It can also be a threatening germ, MRSA, or elicit severe systemic infections.

We want to use the forthcoming days together with you and our speakers to gain insight in captivating immunological topics.

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